Monthly Memberships & Coaching Programs.

Now you can offer monthly coaching programs to build client loyalty and drive a steady stream of reliable revenue without all the administrative work. Clients can purchase memberships and coaching programs online or in person. If purchased online, their membership or coaching program is activated immediately, and they can start booking online. Their card is securely stored and automatically charged monthly (or any other regular interval), relieving you from managing monthly payments and other administration. Programs can be setup for individual appointments, group sessions and classes, or a combination of both.

Integrated Payments.

With our integrated payment processor and reporting, track all memberships and coaching programs, payment status, lessons or hours remaining. If a payment declines, the customer will receive an email with a link to update their payment information and the Membership is suspended until payment clears. You are notified of any declined payments, so you can take action. Memberships can also include a one-time initiation fee that is charged at the time the membership is purchased.

Live Demo

Schedule a live online demo with a real person at USchedule or contact us for more information!

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